Work With Anchorage Attorney Gayle J. Brown

For almost two decades, attorney Gayle J. Brown has been providing hope to clients whose liberties are at risk. Defending people against criminal charges, assisting those who have been injured and resolving family law disputes are what our firm does best.

Whether you are the victim of personal injury, unjustly accused of a crime, or going through a divorce and child custody battle, Gayle Brown will be there to protect your rights. Contact the firm for more information today.

When Your Rights Are In Jeopardy

Our firm counsels clients with respect to a wide range of criminal legal issues, including domestic violence, sex crimes, DUI and drug crimes.

Everyone at our firm understands the issues facing our clients. Their reputations are at risk. They may have been wrongfully accused. Other people may believe that our clients are not entitled to protect themselves or ensure that the punishment is not out of proportion to the crime. We regularly assist clients who have successfully lessened the penalties they face for their actions.

When Your Health And Finances Are Challenged

Suffering an injury often causes our clients to become depressed about their futures. Our clients' cases often involve injuries arising out of motor vehicle accidents. Their injuries are always serious and sometimes catastrophic.

We make it our job to help our clients aggressively pursue all the benefits and proceeds to which they are entitled from the people responsible for our clients' injuries. While we cannot make the accident go away, we can help our clients provide for their future care whenever possible.

When Your Family Is Going Through A Difficult Transition

Our firm regularly represents our clients in family law matters. We assist our clients with divorce and child custody issues. As with all of our cases, we apply our personalized legal approach in these matters.

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