An Anchorage Attorney For Your Family Law Issues

The legal issues that involve your family can be some of the most challenging to resolve. They involve complex laws, but, more importantly, they demand a customized analysis of how the laws will apply to your personal life.

While the bulk of our family law practice at the Law Office of Gayle J. Brown involve marital separation and divorce matters, we handle a wide range of other family law issues as well. We can advise you and guide you to a cost-effective and favorable solution in cases that involve:

  • Marital planning: Many people view prenuptial and postnuptial agreements as evidence of an unhealthy relationship. The truth is, taking steps to plan for the unexpected can give you and your spouse peace of mind, knowing how disagreements would be resolved. In many cases, it helps thwart financial disputes and other marital problems because the decisions have already been made.
  • Adoptions and child-related issues: Child care is primarily about providing guidance and safety for the children you love. Whether you are starting a family by adopting for the first time, you are remarried and interested in stepparent adoptions, or you are a grandparent caring for a child with absentee parents, you need legal protection for yourself and your child. We can help ensure your rights as a guardian are legally established so you can provide the best care possible.
  • Divorce and marital separation: When you and your spouse decide to dissolve your marriage, you will need to work out details about parenting time for children, visitation schedules, spousal support payments (alimony), child support, property division and much more. We can help make sure your voice is heard in negotiations and in litigation – whatever means are necessary to get the most favorable results possible.
  • Post-divorce modifications and enforcement: Life goes on after your divorce is final. It will continue to change and so will your family's needs. You may get a job that causes you to relocate. You or your spouse may remarry. These kinds of issues will influence your existing child care and financial agreements. Whether you need to modify an existing agreement or need help enforcing an agreement, we can help.

Contact our office in Anchorage, Alaska, to discuss your family law concerns with an experienced lawyer. Gayle J. Brown is here to work with you personally, answer your questions and guide you toward the most favorable outcome possible for you and your loved ones.

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