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Protecting The Rights Of Those Charged With A Crime

The criminal justice system should treat the accused as innocent until proven guilty. In practice, however, many law enforcement professionals and prosecutors do not protect people in that manner.

If you have been investigated, arrested or charged with a crime, you are up against government agencies that strive to hand down convictions and sentences. You need to be sure your rights are protected from the moment you know you are under suspicion of criminal activity. Contact the Law Office of Gayle J. Brown as soon as possible.

Comprehensive Skills In Misdemeanor And Felony Cases

At the Law Office of Gayle J. Brown, we respond promptly to help our clients get the best defense possible in cases of drug crimes, serious traffic violations (such as drunk driving), violent crimes and administrative infractions such as probation violations.

We also have more than two decades of experience in Anchorage, Alaska, in cases of:

Your Best Defense Begins Today — Talk To An Attorney

An arrest does not have to mean you will be put behind bars. It is best to cooperate with law enforcement and keep calm, but remember you have the right to retain legal counsel and keep quiet. Do not give police officers more information than they need to properly book you and process your arrest at the police station. Call an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Depending upon the nature of the charges against you, our office can pursue dropped charges, reduced charges, reduced sentences, criminal record sealing (expungement) and other legal strategies that mitigate the consequences of a criminal record.

We can be reached through email or by telephone at 866-930-0338.

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