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Do I Need An Attorney For A DUI?

Drunk driving carries with it both serious legal consequences and serious personal consequences. Not only are you faced with a criminal conviction, you are also faced with the loss of reputation and the damage to future employment opportunities. Despite these grave consequences, many drunk driving defendants choose to represent themselves. Do not make this error.

Instead of subjecting yourself to unnecessarily harsh consequences, speak with drunk driving defense lawyer Gayle J. Brown.

Ms. Brown is trained in standardized field sobriety tests (SFST), and has taken the same DataMaster DMT Operator's Training that Anchorage police officers take on breathalyzer operations. In addition, she is also a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and of the Alaska Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Ms. Brown will work with you to explore all of your legal options in criminal defense and provide you with the opportunity to achieve the best results given the circumstances of your case.

Retain Legal Counsel Before You Attempt Negotiation

Very soon after being charged with drunk driving, you will find yourself receiving plea offers from the state and other authorities. Do not make the mistake of simply accepting something right away. Instead, contact us to determine your rights. You may have much better options available to you, but the state will not offer them to you or tell you about them.

As your legal representative, we will investigate your situation for ourselves to determine what your best options are.

  • We demand and receive the necessary facts and evidence from the law enforcement authorities that we need to best assess the state's case against you. With this information in hand, we can then advise you as to your best course of action.
  • In every case, we do not simply wait until trial to challenge the state's case. We aggressively attack the state's case from the very beginning. We will determine whether all the necessary legal rules were followed when you were pulled over, when any tests were administered to you and how you were treated.
  • We can determine for you whether any information gathered by the state is strong enough to support an actual conviction. The state may have information, but that information is not sufficient to convict you, even though the state may be telling you otherwise.

Make sure you are getting the full picture by retaining Gayle J. Brown as your legal advisor.

Contact Anchorage DUI Attorney Gayle J. Brown

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