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Preparing For Divorce

Through more than 20 years of practice, attorney Gayle J. Brown has seen many people who have made mistakes as they go through a marital separation or divorce. Here we offer tips on preparing for divorce.

  1. Budget: Divorce typically means that the income that supports one household now will pay for two. Look critically at your expenses and determine what will be affordable as you determine options for where you will live, a vehicle to drive, etc.
  2. Organize financial documents: Have a clear picture of your income, retirement and savings accounts. Any information you can bring to the table will help your lawyer with asset discovery.
  3. Make a list of your separate property: Marital property is what you and your spouse acquired while married. Separate property is what you owned pre-marriage. Separate property also includes gifts given only to you and inheritance.
  4. Prepare emotionally: Sometimes people who divorce are so anxious to move forward that they push down feelings they may be having about the end of a marriage. No matter whether you or your spouse initiated the divorce, take time to allow emotions of disappointment and grief. Acknowledging how you feel will allow you to heal and move toward a better future.
  5. Give thoughtful consideration to decisions regarding child support, custody and spousal support. Divorce is not easy, but making agreements to get through the process as quickly as possible can be detrimental. It is much easier to work through a fair resolution now rather than seek a modification later.

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For more than two decades, the Law Office of Gayle J. Brown has helped individuals as they face life transitions. Our attorney not only has experience that will protect your rights in a divorce, but compassion. We want to help you move toward a better future.

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