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Understanding Child Custody In Alaska

If you are getting divorced or separating from your children’s father or mother, you probably have many questions regarding how your time with them will be split. Here are some answers to four frequently asked questions about child custody and relocation in Alaska.

What is the difference in physical and legal custody?

Are Drivers Distracted By Pokémon Go?

The chime of a text coming to your phone or a notification that someone commented on your post on Facebook. Smart phones have been distracting drivers for years, causing many to give in to the temptation to check a screen rather than keeping their eyes on the road. In fact, some researchers believe that it is the apps themselves that are the cause of many motor vehicle accidents, not just cell phones.

One study, titled "Death By Pokémon Go," in Indiana set out to see whether the highly popular app was causing more vehicle crashes. The game made for a good test not only because its use is widespread, but also because the researchers could target specific locations known as Pokéstops. These locations are special landmarks where gamers can pick up rewards for their character. The researchers, economists at Purdue University, studied whether accidents increased near the Pokéstops, which typically are in public thoroughfares. They also collected data on the personal injury damages caused by distracted drivers playing the game.

How The Juvenile Justice Process Differs From Adult Charges

No parent wants his or her child in this situation. Maybe a good kid made a bad decision and is now facing the fallout for that choice. Your mind is reeling at what this might mean for the future. It’s also likely that you have many questions about the juvenile court process.

Defendants who are under age 18 go through the juvenile system, which has different procedures than adult courts. Here are three ways juvenile cases are different from adult criminal charges:

How Military Divorce Is Different Than Civilian Divorce

Serving in the military can be tough on a marriage. It requires time apart from a spouse, and the burden of child care put all on one parent. These circumstances can be a breeding ground for loneliness and resentment that can tear a couple apart. When that happens, going through a divorce when one member is in uniform is also more complex than when civilians divorce. Here are three ways military divorce is different:

1. Different spousal support, child custody and child support issues.

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